Memory Code: Tokyo X

“MC: TX” is the first (in a possible series) of VR experiences/games set in a dystopian cyberpunk future, exploring possibilities SimLab's VR Studio has to offer, and designed for Meta Quest 2 and 3.

You wake up in a seedy apartment, with a bullet-ridden android at your feet and a smoking gun in your hand. What happened? You realise the room has been sealed by the building's security, and the surveillance drones outside your window inform you that the police forces are on their way, and will arrive in approx. 10 minutes. That's the amount of time you have to solve the mystery, and find a way to get out of the situation in one piece.

“Memory Code” is being developed with a variety of apps, like Maya, DAZ Studio, KeyShot and HitFilm. It will be available for free, once it's released.

Concept art

Development Log

Interested in VR experience created for your project? Check out the development log for "Memory Code" on the VL's blog, where the whole creation process is documented.