NFT Collection - Alice 01

Meet the link between science fiction and reality. Alice 01 is a culmination of years of cutting-edge robotics research, biomimetic engineering, and unparalleled design aesthetics. 

The gynoid’s intricate architecture, deeply rooted in the latest in neural networking and quantum computing, promises a future where machines don't just mimic human intelligence, but intertwine with our essence. Experience the harmony of human ingenuity and machine precision. Dive deep, explore, and be a part of our journey in sculpting the face of tomorrow.

‘Alice 01’ is a limited NFT collection from Venus Labs, consisting of 25 unique artworks. Each piece has been meticulously  designed, providing an insight into the android’s evolution, from an artificial skeleton to a dazzling final product. Admire various frames, clothing and gadgets. 

Soon available on OpenSea